A shoe dryer for everyone who loves dry shoes.

The shoe dryer fits into any Truma outlet, just plug it in the garage for example and put the hoses into ski boots, motocross boots or wet hiking boots. With all-night air circulation, your boots will be completely dry and ready for the next event.

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Cost: 30Euro + shipping


We have a gadget for you that is not only useful for travelling but also in everyday life. This coin tray is a great tool for paying road tolls or parking fees. The tray looks like an ashtray to the eye, but inside there is space for 1€, 2€ and 50 cent coins. A tray like this will withstand the gaze of unwary thieves and can save you time when paying. The dimensions of the tray are 70 x 65 x 80 mm.

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Cost: 15 Euro + shipping


The pins can be inserted into any awning with a diameter of 7mm. Thanks to these pegs, there is no need to stretch the cord anywhere to dry your swimsuit or towel.The pegs also have a hook which is suitable for hanging clothes, lighting or small decorations. The pegs are sold in sets of 6 or 12.

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Cost: 10 Euro (6 pegs) or 20 Euro (12 pegs) + shipping


The right camper’s glove, essential for summer barbecues.

This glove is made of 3 layers of 100% cotton, with Teflon on the inside for extra durability.

By purchasing this glove you will not only make yourself or your friends happy, but you are also supporting the right cause. The gloves are made in sheltered workshops, and by purchasing them you will be supporting St. Alexander’s Charity.

Thank you for helping a good cause!

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Cost: 32 Euro + shipping


Wrench for tightening the hose to the propane-butane cylinder.

Designed for anyone who needs to tighten the hose and reducer to their propane-butane cylinder and doesn’t want to ruin their hand or use pliers that make a lot of ugly and sharp grooves.

One side is for tightening the hose and the other side is sized 27mm for tightening the reducer.

This lightweight, strong combination wrench is for you !

Cost: 5 Euro + shipping


Rollers that are a must have for every camper who has a car with a tow hitch and a long overhang.

You will appreciate the option of having your car “slide” over the rollers when you are hitching up to the ferry, or when negotiating various bumps, without damaging or hooking up.

The whole device is made to order according to the customer’s wishes and the supplied dimensions of the towing device.

Cost: 130Euro (approximate price) + shipping


Yes you see well this protection against thieves costs 0 euro because you can mount it and do it yourself.

First you put a sharp needle on the inside of the seat belt cover and mark the center of the hole on the handle, later you drill to 8mm diameter,make sure that both holes are on the same axis and then when you insert the pin it will be lightly pressed against the cover.
This is important so that the door does not bounce off the frame at all.
Most of the known locking chains allow the thief to open the door a little and get his “tools” in and that is wrong. Simple and has protected me for 15 years, I don’t mind the two holes in the handle, the important thing is safety when sleeping and when we move away from the vehicle the pins must not be missing!