We offer the possibility of manufacturing hard-to-find or discontinued parts for motorhomes or caravans

Not all campers have the latest type of caravan or motorhome and when something small breaks it is often a problem to have that small spare part in stock and sometimes the price goes through the roof!
Not anymore! We can help you. Just send us an email, photo or production drawing and we can produce the part on a 3D printer, we have a lot of experience in caravans and motorhomes and we can respond quickly and with minimal cost of production.

Adjusting the TRUMA heater outlet

Do you have a pet that is bothered by the direct airflow from the heater? We have a solution for you ! In collaboration with one of our customers, we have developed this socket that ensures that the air flow is directed to the whole room and not just in one direction.

Elbow for fitting the air hose for TRUMA

Do you need to redirect the output of a TRUMA outlet? Thanks to our customer, we have developed this elbow, which is designed to fit a standard air distribution hose in a caravan. With this elbow you can bring warm air, for example, to the upper part of the caravan where you sleep.

Fridge grate holder

Part made to order exactly according to the damaged original.

Caravan bike carrier coupling

Due to the loss of the original part, the part was completely re-made.

Spare part for lockers